When we deloped our bareboard, we discovered that an adequate safety system for winter sporting equipment without bindings was not available on the market. To satisfy our demands for more safety, we developed a safety strap especially for winter sporting equiment without a fixed connection to the user – the snow leash.

It should be short to prevent catching, but long enough to prevent collision with the sporting equipment in case of a wipe out. It should expand and retract without rebounding, and it should be safe in ice and snow as well as easy to handle.

On the local tobagganing hill we found out that tobaggans, snowskates, airboards, etc. always can cause danger when they get out of control and shoot down a hill. So it was clear, that it made sense to offer the Snow Leash not only as part of the Bareboard kit, but also indiviudally.

So we are proud to present to you the Snowleash for more safety on the hill.