In the mountains, we are looking for freedom, not ski lifts. On the road, we follow our hearts. In the water, we swim against the tide – not principally, but out of passion.

We do not make sporting and leisure equipment for the masses, but develop new ideas to set new limits, on land and in the water.

Our headquarters are located in a cottage right in the heart of the Black Forest. All who live on this rough mountain range know that the forces of nature cannot be conquered. But with the proper equipment it offers some wonderful ways to discover new places to improve your skills.

We reached a point where traditional sporting equipment no longer satisfied our demands. So we designed our own unique means of movement, based on many years of outdoor sporting experience. The sophisticated and radically simple design offers some completely new options.

With the label Black Forest Elements, we want to share these products with all who are on the same road as we are: their very own.

Are you one of us?