Airmate – the inflatable bodyboard


Our Airmate is the first inflatable bodyboard made of drop stitch PVC. This gives it a very compact size - a great advantage for surfers on the go.

The choice of material makes it hard-wearing and durable.

There will be no deformation on the scoop-rocker-line due to ageing, as is common on conventional bodyboards, and the flexural behaviour will stay consistent in different water temperatures.

It will only be affected by the air pressure, which should be 7-10 psi. You will get a feeling for it very quickly. Simply try out different air pressure levels. We specially developed the scoop-rocker-line for this type of board to let you easily drop in the waves. Seemingly thick rails properly guide you through turns and on the steep face of the wave.

The Airmate set is delivered in a bag and includes the board, safety leash, packing strap, a small high pressure air pump and a repair kit.

Simply try it out. You will have a lot of fun with your new inflatable friend.