Let go of everything that slows you down, let go of your old bindings and enjoy a radical new feeling of freedom – use a snowboard without bindings, the Bareboard made by Black Forest Elements.

Have you ever dreamed of surfing in the snow, because you can't travel to an endless summer?

We are not talking about snowboarding on a slope, but a surf feeling of ultimate freedom.

We have experienced it!

Are you ready for the next level of winter sports?
It's true...you can find a winter paradise in your own back yard.

Provided you have an eye for the right spot to suit your very own snow boarding skills and the right tool - the Bareboard.

Being avid surfers and passionate snow boarders, we abandoned fixed bindings  several years ago, and we are getting better on our Bareboards every single year.

Do you want to make poisonous turns on steep slopes of powder or improve your longboard moves like cross stepping, hang ten and knee drop turns on flatter terrain? Are you a beginner and want to learn the take off for surfing? Or do you just want to glide through the snowy winter wonderland all by yourself?

Then the Bareboard is definitely your thing!

Simply come along and expand your possibilities.